BA Inflight

Researching how to enhance the inflight experience for British Airways passengers by making inflight services available to passengers digitally.

Concept Brief: Hybrid Web Application
Team: J Mawhinney, Yulka, Myself
Client: British Airways
My role: UX Researcher / UX Designer
Methods: Competitive Analysis, Market Research, 1–2–1 Interviews, Concept Mapping, Storyboarding, User Flows, Experience Mapping, Card Sorting

Some Groundwork

All good UX projects start with good research. UX is in the business of balancing user and business goals and in this case neither were apparent at the start of the project.

I wrote a Medium article wholly dedicated to the process of divining what business goals we might address and which would align our users’ goals. If you’re interested in the research phase please read about it here. This article will focus on the design phase of the UX process, about how we stayed on track with the vision developed from our research in the design and testing phase. I write about it more fully on my Medium here.