UX designer, polyglot and social scientist, I am always looking for new opportunities, people and projects that strike a balance between the analytical and creative aspects of business, psychology and design. 

p.s. I also play a mean game of tennis, fly planes and cook up a storm in the kitchen.


I am a design centered thinking UX researcher passionate about HCI, social entrepreneurship and user experience. My strengths lie with my experience which is predominantly within corporate research, analysis and service design with a particular emphasis on quickly getting to grips with a brief and discovering and developing the scope of a problem, feasibility of solutions and their associated restrictions from a technical, procedural or regulatory perspective. 

I love people, technology and design so UX is the nexus of my analytical and creative aspects of my business, psychology and interaction design experience. Skills I’ve built on from my specialisms in cognitive science at undergraduate level and during my business masters.

I believe fundamentally that business goals can be achieved by making sure the users goals and journeys are fully reflected in engaging products. My natural empathy, unwavering appetite for a new challenges and background translates into what I hope are delightful and purposeful digital experiences. 

My skills include: market research, business analysis, defining, exploring and solving problems; facilitating design workshops; creating user flows, experience journeys and personas; sketching; wireframing; prototyping; usability testing; and presenting to stakeholders. 


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